Saturday, May 19, 2012

Olive Green and Golden Brown Eye Make-Up Tutorial by Atiq

heyyyyy !! it's been a while since im not active in posting my tutorials on my blog and Youtube right ? ;)
sorry ya'lls , got stuffs to do at the college hehe . But now, im on my semester holiday and im BACK in front of my webcam and will write some stories on this blog as usual. Ya know me right ? Lots of crazy ideas floating in my clouds of imagination hahah . 

So now, here's my next tutorial on Olive Green and Golden Brown Eye Make-Up .. it was requested by a friend of mine and i add a bit on HOW TO WEAR FAKE LASHES for her . If you guys wanna ask me anything , just ask me on facebook or post in the SHOUTBOX on the RIGHT side as usual okay ? 

So how was it ? hope you guys LOVE it and yeah I know you prefer watching it on Youtube but don't forget to click LIKE hee .. thank you for viewing ! :) .atiq , xoxo

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  1. serious suka, nti kua jom shoping brg mekap :D